Mykonos, Greece; A Jewel of the Mediterranean

Mykonos, Greece, was unlike any other stop we made while my family and I were in the Mediterranean. With its white-washed buildings, bright, sapphire blue painted accents, and its gorgeous red-pink flowers, Mykonos natural charm will take your breath away!

Getting to Mykonos’ center town is a bit tricky since cars aren’t allowed to drive there. Buses can drive you right to the edge, but note that this is going to be a long day of walking, so pack some good shoes. Once you get about a block into the city, you will see so more shopping than you’ve ever seen in your lifetime! From tourist shops to high price jewelry stores, Mykonos has it all. Also, if you are like most, and literally cant survive without WiFi, keep an eye out because most restaurants there have free WiFi. Overall, when it comes to accommodating their visitors, Mykonos does a fabulous job!

I was just taken aback by how beautiful this place really was with its many shades of blue and white, it was hard not to take pictures of everything you walk past. There are a few places you cant miss while you are there, including the windmills! You can find many windmills, or the Kato Myli, in the main town of Chora. They were tricky to find for us, but they were well worth it! Another thing to see is what they call Little Venice! Located very close to the windmills is Little Venice, but we didn’t catch on until we ran out of sidewalk trying to go back to the center of the town, just like you would in Venice. But you can really appreciate its beauty if you are standing a bit further away from it, which is great for taking pictures! Also, Little Venice is the perfect place to have lunch or dinner, where you can look out across the water.

Another great thing to check out while you’re visiting is a church! There are plenty of them, in fact, there’s around 400 on the island! The most popular one you will hear about is the Paraportiani Church, known for it’s architectural style. If you look closely you can notice that it appears to be multiple churches in one! This church is definitely well worth visiting. .

Lastly, a great place to visit would be the nearby, small island, Delos. I actually never had time to visit, but i did my fair share of research, and if you are interested in the Greek culture and mythology, this is the place for you! The island is known to be the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, twin children of Zeus, and the story is that after that, out of respect, no one was allowed to be born or die on the island. The biggest place I’ve heard of visiting while there is the Sanctuary of Apollo, but the island is also rich with excavated ruins.



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