One of the biggest theme parks over here in Germany is Europa Park, and it was my last thing to check of my list before going back to school. It was a two and a half hour road trip up there with three of my friends, but when we got there it was well worth the wait. The park had a wide variety of rides, from huge, thrilling roller coasters to small, kid friendly rides. My favorite ride in the park was the big roller coaster, Blue Fire. The ride did a loop, some cork-screws, and a couple drops, but what I found really interesting (I had never seen it on any other ride I’ve been on) was the heart rate monitoring handles you can hold on to. When we got fastened into the seats, I watched as my heart rate crawled slowly past 100. I had my eyes wide open the entire ride, glancing occasionally at the tiny screen that displayed my heart rate. Around the middle of the ride, my heart rate was around 60-70, then at the end it was around 45. I have never felt so oddly calm after being on such a thrilling ride, but it was fun.
Another ride I really enjoyed was the Euro-Mir. From the outside of the building you can look up and see the tracks snake around two cylindrical buildings starting at the top and making a couple thrilling drops. We got on the ride at the base of the building then slowly climbed the inner walls of the building in darkness. It was odd because the circle shaped pods had four seats back-to-back, so someone was always backwards during the ride. The ride spun as it rolled down the track. It was fast paced and was great, unless you had a terrible fear of heights. Me and my friend I was sitting next to had the pleasure of going backwards down several drops, which was the only thing I didn’t like about the ride because you had no idea where you were going, all you knew was that you were going there fast.
One more ride I liked was the Matterhorn Blitz. The ride started at the bottom of a building then went up on an elevator-like lift, exited the building, went around the corner, then did a drop. The ride was fast paced and fun, and the only thing I didn’t like about it was how jerky it was.
The park had a lot of food stands, so no matter where you were, you wouldn’t have to walk far to get food. They also had a wide variety of food, including multiple cultural cuisines. The park also has a lot to do even if you don’t like rides. They had a small carnival-style game section and a few arcades. The park also had a monorail and a people mover so you could save time walking and appreciate the park from up above.
The park, overall, was charming and fun. They had mini Germany, France, Italy, Greece, and many more! The decor was whimsical and seemed like being in a children’s story book. It is definitely a place well worth visiting.


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