5 Reasons You Destroy Everything Good In Your Life

Hand-in-hand with many mental illnesses is self-sabotage. This is when we consistently behave destructively toward ourselves, sabotaging the good things in our lives. The focus here is on that moment when you look back at the choices you’ve made and ask yourselfย Why Do I Destroy Everything Good In My Life? 1. You Don’t Deserve It … More 5 Reasons You Destroy Everything Good In Your Life

A Long Two Weeks

As summer ends and the leaves begin to fall, the children go back to school. School in my area started on the 25th of August, which, to my surprise, was only two weeks ago! Every year before this one, I never really applied my self to school. I always was able to get by without … More A Long Two Weeks


One of the biggest theme parks over here in Germany is Europa Park, and it was my last thing to check of my list before going back to school. It was a two and a half hour road trip up there with three of my friends, but when we got there it was well worth … More EUROPA PARK

Mykonos, Greece; A Jewel of the Mediterranean

Mykonos, Greece, was unlike any other stop we made while my family and I were in the Mediterranean. With its white-washed buildings, bright, sapphire blue painted accents, and its gorgeous red-pink flowers, Mykonos natural charm will take your breath away! Getting to Mykonos’ center town is a bit tricky since cars aren’t allowed to drive … More Mykonos, Greece; A Jewel of the Mediterranean